歡迎就讀慈濟大學成為慈大新鮮人,祝福你帶著好奇自信展開大學新生活我們是來自台灣各地的 “慈誠爸爸及懿德媽媽”,未來將每月返校陪伴及關懷師生,和你相聚分享生活點滴因為疫情我們沒有辦法相見所以用心錄製影片歡迎你

點選下方你系所慈懿爸爸媽媽歡迎影片就可觀看了呦!並於 YouTube 影片下方的資料欄點選連結加入慈懿會 Line 群組期待慈誠懿日見~

We are your Tzu Chi Mums and Dads that come from all over Taiwan. We are delighted to welcome you to Tzu Chi University and be a member of the community. Enjoy your student life and grab every chance to try something new.

Although we are unable to meet each other physically, we have prepared video clips for you! Do check it out and join the Line group using the link attached in the description box. See you soon!

  Tzu Cheng Yi De

醫學系/School of Medicine
醫學資訊學系/Department of Medical Informatics
醫學檢驗生物技術系/Department of Laboratory Medicine and Biotechnology
公共衛生學系/Department of Public Health
護理學系A班/Department of Nursing, Class A
護理學系B班/Department of Nursing, Class B
生命科學系/Department of Life Sciences
分子生物暨人類遺傳學系/Department of Molecular Biology and Human Genetics
物理治療學系/Department of Physical Therapy
學士後中醫學系/School of Post-Baccalaureate Chinese Medicine
社會工作學系/Department of Social Work
人類發展與心理學系/Department of Human Development Studies and Psychology
英美語文學系/Department of English Language and Literature
東方語文學系中文組/Department of Oriental Language and Literature, Division of Chinese
東方語文學系日文組/Department of Oriental Language and Literature, Division of Japanese
國際數位媒體科技學士學位學程/Bachelor Program in Digital Media and Technology
國際服務產業管理學士學位學程/Bachelor Program in International Service Industry Management
兒童發展與家庭教育學系/Department of Child Development and Family Studies
傳播學系/Department of Communication Studies